Lamp Rewiring

Welcome to Lucas Börg – the Chandelier and lamp rewiring specialists in London.

We can rewire most light fittings including floor lamps, chandeliers,
wall lights, standard lamps and can help whether it is a modern lamp or retro and vintage, as we take care of the delicate lighting fixtures entrusted to us.

We are a small, independent company based in London. Initially, we were general electricians, before specialising in lighting rewiring, chandelier installation, maintenances, and restoration. It became an area of interest in which we wanted to specialise.

We are now proud to offer first-class lamp rewiring services at a lower price than you would expect. Lamp-rewiring is often about safety, and we would rather people be safe, than ignore unsafe wiring because they can’t afford to have it rewired. That is why we have priced our services so competitively.

If you are looking for the highest-quality, most affordable lamp rewiring, London has to offer; then we can help.

Coverage Area

We cover most of London and West London – our local area listed below, but if you are outside this area, you can also call us for a quote – we are happy to help or offer advice.

Bays water
Earls Court
Holland Park
Kensal  Rise
London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham
North Kensington
Notting Hill Gate
Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
Shepherds Bush
Sloane Square
South Kensington
West Kensington

Lamp Types

Below is a list of lamp types that we can re-wire, but please ask us if you want more information on your lamp and requirements, as we can complete most rewiring projects.

Floor Lamps & Standard Lamps

As the name implies, floor lamps are large floor-standing lamps, that can anywhere from a few feet tall to a few metres. They can be tricky to re-wire yourself, due to the size and fragility.

Desk Lamps

Desk lamps are pretty standard, smaller than floor lamps, and available in many different styles, both modern and classic. Desk lamps can be challenging to re-wire, mainly due to their moving parts, e.g., an anglepoise lamp.

Hanging pendant

A pendant lamp is relatively common – a hanging light that can have a shade attached. You can get many variations on the basic pendant lamp, ranging in complexity and difficulty to rewire.


Chandeliers can be extremely complicated to rewire, whether due to deterioration due to age or because of non-standard British wiring if bought from abroad or an antique. That is why it is always a good idea to get an expert.
If you have bought a chandelier that is an antique or imported, then you may need the lamp rewired to adhere to British safety standards. Adhering to safety standards is vital for commercial properties, but also crucial for domestic properties.

Wall Light/Sconce

Wall lights or sconces are lamps that are, as the name suggests, attached to the wall. They can range in styles and complexity, making them difficult to rewire.

Table Lamp

Similar in size to a desk lamp, but usually a static lamp for lighting are an area, rather than a directional desk-lamp that usually used to light specific areas during work.

table lamps
Table Lamp white shade, gold base